3 Ways to Support Your Child With Dyslexia at Home


Dyslexia is no indication of intelligence whatsoever. This condition is simply a disorder that prevents people from being able to scan and interpret words, letters, and symbols in the correct order. But when you have a child with dyslexia and they struggle with their studies as a result, they can often feel like this has something to do with their intelligence when it doesn't. This is why it is extremely important to give your child as much support in the home as possible.

22 September 2015

Finding a child care if you are a casual worker


For many parents reentering the workforce after having kids, casual work is a common way of getting a foot in the door. Casual work is very common in retail, hospitality and healthcare fields - but it can be tricky to co-ordinate child care if your shifts change week to week. Here are some of the options if you have a varying casual schedule. Rely on informal childcare One option is to rely on informal child care, through friends or family.

21 September 2015