Four Ways You Can Help Your Child Avoid Social Withdrawal At Kindergarten


Kindergarten is such a fun time, and for your child to enjoy time with the other kids in their class makes it all the more fun. Unfortunately, a few things here and there can lead to your child becoming withdrawn and missing out on what this journey has to offer. As a parent to a kindergartener, here are a few things to keep in mind that will help to avoid the unfortunate scenario where your child finds themselves withdrawing from the rest.

19 September 2019

How to Make Pre-School Lunchtimes Go More Smoothly


There is no doubt that a preschool program has many benefits for children. As a caregiver, you will see how regular social interactions, physical activities, and creative projects help your students to learn, grow, and prepare them for the world of school ahead. One time of the day that you might not look forward quite as much is lunchtime, which can sometimes get a little chaotic. Meal times, however, can provide positive experiences for learning and growth too—they just need to be handled in the right way.

15 May 2019

Important Decisions in Choosing A Day Care Centre


As parents, there is nothing more important than the care and safety of your children. You do everything you can to keep them safe and teach them right at home. While ideally, parents would stay home with their children, this is not always possible. This is when it is time to look for a day care centre. With this comes many things you must think about. Here are some important decisions in choosing a day care centre.

13 November 2018

About To Enroll Your Toddler In School? Consider the Benefits of the Montessori System


If your toddler has reached a school-going age, you may be considering different early education systems to give them the best possible start to their school career. However, in searching for teaching institutions, you will find that there is a broad range of early education options to choose from. It would, therefore, be advisable to whittle down your choices by eliminating systems that are trends and focusing on those that have a proven educational curriculum.

30 November 2017

3 Tips To Settle Your Crying Toddler Into Childcare


You've taken some time off work for maternity, but now it's time for you to get back to it, which means that you've probably enrolled your toddler in a childcare centre near your home or workplace. Some kids happily settle into a new centre within a few days or weeks, while others take significantly longer to adjust to the chance. If your child falls in the latter category, follow these tips to help your crying toddler settle into his or her day care centre.

31 July 2017

How to develop a great parent-carer relationship in a childcare centre


It is very important for carers and parents to have an open and friendly relationship so that they can work together to bring up a child in the best way and promote healthy development. However, sometimes busy carers and parents find it hard to connect during emotional pick-ups and drop-offs. ere are some tips that can help.  Try to leave some extra time While it can be hard to get out the door in the morning, and most of us don't want to sacrifice even a few minutes in bed, it can be really useful to have a few minutes extra to have even a brief chat with your child's carer.

21 June 2017

Tips For Helping Your Child Transition To Childcare


Transitioning your child to a nursery or child care may feel like a big step, and you'll likely feel worried about how your child will cope with such a big change. The first few weeks can be tough, as you'll miss your child and they will miss you. However, there are steps you can take to make the transition easier for your child and create positive connotations with your chosen childcare provider.

27 October 2016