Three Ways To Feel Better About Sending Your Child To Day Care


Being protective about your children is a fantastic trait to have and one that comes naturally to many parents. However, there is a difference between protectiveness and over-protectiveness, and that can be hard to distinguish as someone who is so emotionally involved in keeping their kid safe, particularly if it is your first or only one. It is important to let them grow and make friends, and that starts with day care. Day care also allows you to get some much needed time away from your child to run errands, work or simply relax. Here are a few steps you can put in place to make sure that you feel comfortable about letting your child go to day care.

Tour The Facility

Day care facilities will allow the parents to tour the facility, and they often hold open days for prospective families who wish to send their children to that particular location. It is always wise to at least go through the place a couple of times while at these inspection days and see if everything matches your high standards. Don't hesitate to ask questions about certain rooms and facilities, such as the bathrooms, air conditioning and meal options (if they are part of your child cares facilities). 

Go With Them

In addition to touring the facility, it is quite common for a day care centre to allow you to sit with the child for a little while. Some even allow you to be there for the first day or so, just to ensure that both you and the child feel secure in this new area. Remember, however, that this is about the child adapting to new places and people, so make sure to try not to interrupt and only interact with your kid if they approach you. The quicker they feel at home in this new place, the better it will be.

Meet With Other Parents

The best way to get honest feedback about any day care is to talk to the parents of children who already go there. It can feel a bit embarrassing to approach someone about this, but as parents themselves they will definitely understand where you are coming from and might have even done the same thing in the past. Have any burning questions you want to ask written down on your phone so that you don't get overwhelmed in the moment. Who knows, your children may even end up becoming good friends. 

Contact a local day care centre to learn more.


14 December 2021

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