3 Types of Child care Centre Options Available for Working Parents


If you plan to get back to work after a long break, you ought to think about your child's care early enough. Finding a suitable child care facility will make the transition seamless for you and the little one. 

Child care options are numerous, which means you can select a suitable one that matches your needs. Generally, you will need to consider your financial situation, job flexibility and facility location when deciding. But be sure to select what suits you best if you wish to have peace of mind while working. This article looks are the child care options available for working parents.

1. Long Day Care

These establishments are ideal for kids who have not yet started school. Nevertheless, the facilities offer both early childhood development and child care services. Usually, the service providers consider a child's needs and experience when developing their educational and care programs. 

A majority of these centres operate a minimum of eight hours daily. But, there are part-time options too. Since your kid spends plenty of time in the facility, they get an opportunity to bond with their caregivers and other children. In addition, some long centres are connected to a kindergarten program where your child can transition to once they attain school-going age.

2. Family Day Cares

Family day cares are also ideal for infants and children who have not yet started schooling. However, some enrol older kids of up to 12 years of age. Typically, a family child care centre operates from the caregiver's home, and most of the providers are parents with older kids.

These day cares are suitable for working parents because they offer additional hours for those running late at work. Additionally, some centres can take care of your child during holidays and weekends.

3. Preschool or Kindergarten 

Preschool centres care mainly enrol children between three to five years who are about to join the school. While at the facility, your child is engaged in play-based learning to enhance their physical abilities. They also grow in confidence as they hone their social skills. 

Some schools have a kindergarten child care centre within the institution, and the caregivers usually get training from certified program teachers. Therefore, the operation hours are the same as those of a school. Moreover, the school follows a formal program and has a fee structure for the children.

These are the kinds of child care centres you might want to explore when getting back to work. While all are ideal, your choice is solely dependent on your needs. When making your decision, try and make your way to the centres to get a feel of the environment. Contact a child care centre for more information. 


17 August 2021

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