Why You Should Prioritise Family Day Care Over Other Options


Everyone wants to give their child the best sort of upbringing they possibly can, and choosing the right type of childcare is an important part of this process. There are many different types of childcare that range from nannies that live in your home to large daycare centres where dozens of children are kept in the care of a few trained professionals. Perhaps the best option that is accessible to most people is a family daycare, but what exactly is it, and how does it differ from traditional daycare centres? Here is a quick look into family daycare centres and why you should consider them.

More Personal for Your Children

Unlike a daycare centre, family daycare is pretty much always run out of somebodies actual house. Of course, some modifications are done to the house, so it is ready to host children, but the actual environmental setting is reminiscent of most other residential homes. For children, this can be perfect for a stable upbringing. They don't feel like they are chopping and changing between a very strange setting (which a regular daycare centre can seem like) and their home, rather they just feel like they are moving from one home to another.

Kept Together

Unlike in other forms of daycare where children are separated into the different age groups they fit into, family daycare is more of a blended experience. That means your child will have a lot more social interaction with older and younger children, giving them a more balanced background to prepare them for school in the near future. It also means that if you have children of different ages that you can keep them together. It is quite an attractive option to be able to keep your children together as much as possible so that they develop a strong bond, and that is why many people end up choosing family daycare.


Because a family daycare centre is run out of someones home, that means they can provide more flexible care that caters to your needs more closely. Do you have to go out of town one night and can't find a babysitter? A family daycare provider can keep your children overnight in a familiar environment, so they don't feel stressed out. Do you need to leave your children later than most child care centres are open due to work? A family daycare provider can do that no problem. The best part is most family daycare centres are cheaper in the long run too. If you want flexible options for your kids, then you need to go with family daycare. 


13 August 2020

Fostering Good Practice: Latest Research And News About Child Care

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