Four Ways You Can Help Your Child Avoid Social Withdrawal At Kindergarten


Kindergarten is such a fun time, and for your child to enjoy time with the other kids in their class makes it all the more fun. Unfortunately, a few things here and there can lead to your child becoming withdrawn and missing out on what this journey has to offer.

As a parent to a kindergartener, here are a few things to keep in mind that will help to avoid the unfortunate scenario where your child finds themselves withdrawing from the rest.

1.      Avoid Confrontations

Do your best to avoid aggressive confrontations, be it with the teachers at your child's kindergarten or other parents. There is nothing that you cannot resolve with a proper sit-down and talk over. Stay calm and act respectfully, even if your child got into a fight with another kid or your kid complained about disciplinary action.

Aggressively confronting a teacher or other parent will only create unnecessary tension. This tension, alongside the embarrassment of such an episode, may lead your child to isolate themselves.

2.      Always Show Up

Don't make your child the kid who is always alone during planned activities at the kindergarten, such as fun days and even parent-teacher conferences. Make a point of showing up for events and being actively involved by volunteering.

Your absence at these events can make your child feel as though you are not too concerned about their life at kindergarten. It's easy to see why such feelings would lead to your child withdrawing from the rest.

3.      Do Not Compare

Your child's kindergarten no doubt has a system for evaluating the progress of the kids. While your child may not have mastered one skill, it is vital to appreciate the fact that each child has a unique learning curve.

Don't be the parent that puts their child down this early in their academic journey by comparing how well they perform with others' performance. Do that, and your child will end up feeling like a failure and withdraw from the rest.

4.      Don't Ignore Those Playdates

Do not limit your child's interactions with the rest of the class to just the formal setup in kindergarten. If everyone else is getting to know each other beyond the walls of the kindergarten facility, it should come as no surprise if your child feels like the odd one out. Plan playdates, and agree to the when invited by other parents.

Your kindergartener becoming socially withdrawn can open up to a can of worms. Bear in mind the highlighted pointers, and you can avoid such an eventuality.


19 September 2019

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