About To Enroll Your Toddler In School? Consider the Benefits of the Montessori System


If your toddler has reached a school-going age, you may be considering different early education systems to give them the best possible start to their school career. However, in searching for teaching institutions, you will find that there is a broad range of early education options to choose from. It would, therefore, be advisable to whittle down your choices by eliminating systems that are trends and focusing on those that have a proven educational curriculum. One of the options that you may want to contemplate is the Montessori system. Here are two reasons why enrolling your child into the Montessori educational system would be beneficial.

Montessori schools meet your child at their developmental stage

A huge concern for parents about to enrol their children into school is determining when would be the best time based on the age of their child. This matter can prove nerve-wracking, mainly if your child's birthday does not fall close to the start of the school year, as you would be worried about enrolling them either too early or too late.

With the Montessori educational system, you do not have to bear these concerns in mind. This educational system is one of the most individualised early learning systems that you could consider as the kids are taught per their developmental needs. This focus on your child's individualism minimises the risk of the kids become bored, listless or frustrated in school.

Montessori schools instil the importance of learning "why."

Taking your child to school is well and good, but if they cannot retain the information, they are being taught then you can become increasingly frustrated with your child's progress. What some parents may be unaware of when it comes to losing this information is that it happens because the child does not find the information they are processing useful. For example, your child may be taught to do sums, but if they do not spend their time doing calculations on a regular basis, it is easy to find they lose their grasp of early mathematics particularly when they go on long holiday.

The Montessori educational system strives to attach meaning to everything they are teaching the children by having them learn how to solve a problem rather than merely memorise a solution. Thus, you will find that Montessori classes will have distinctive materials and teaching aids that help in making the various concepts of learning tangible to the kids.


30 November 2017

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