3 Tips To Settle Your Crying Toddler Into Childcare


You've taken some time off work for maternity, but now it's time for you to get back to it, which means that you've probably enrolled your toddler in a childcare centre near your home or workplace. Some kids happily settle into a new centre within a few days or weeks, while others take significantly longer to adjust to the chance. If your child falls in the latter category, follow these tips to help your crying toddler settle into his or her day care centre.

Don't Spend More Time Than Necessary With Goodbyes

Some kids and even parents find it hard to say goodbye to each other at the start, which makes goodbyes prolonged and long drawn. But remember, you're the adult here, so you need to keep your goodbyes as short as possible. This gives your child less time to stress. Instead, hand him or her over to a childcare worker soon so that they can be distracted quicker with a fun activity they enjoy. For example, if your child enjoys playing with toys or writing on chalkboard, the immediate distraction of these fun activities will take away the stress from saying goodbye to you. Wasting too much time with goodbyes gives your child more time to get distressed and upset at the thought of leaving you.

Let Your Child Hold Onto His Or Her Favourite Toy

Sometimes it pays to let your child carry his or her favourite toy because it helps them settle more easily into the day care centre. Before doing this, make sure the day care centre doesn't have any policies about kids bringing their own toys. Most are generally flexible because this is a good way to let kids settle into their new surroundings, but it's always best to check, so you don't raise your child's hopes.

Follow A Set Routine Before Going To The Day Care Centre

Kids need to have a routine they are familiar with, so that they feel less anxious about their new surroundings. For example, if your child is used to having a particular breakfast cereal before going to childcare, don't try to change it in the first few weeks. Similarly, you can even have a set goodbye routine like a high-five and bear hug, so that they feel familiar with the environment around them.  Let your toddler settle into a proper routine before making any changes to it.

Putting your toddler into a day care centre is just as unsettling for you as it is for your little one. Let these tips help you and your child better settle into a new routine.


31 July 2017

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