Preschool for twins and triplets - together forever or on their own paths


If you have twins or triplets, one of the questions you might need to consider is whether to keep them together through their schooling years. This decision presents itself relatively early on, as one of the first questions you'll be asked by any early childhood facility you tour is whether they'll be in the same stream or not. Here are some of the pros and cons of each option.

Together in one class

Keeping the kids together in one class can be easier logistically for the parent, as drop offs are streamlined. This also expands your options for preschools to include those that only have one preschool stream. You might find that the children can help and comfort each other and have a built in social network with each other, which can make the transition to schooling less nerve wracking.

Having each other in class, however, can make it less relevant for the kids to pick up some of the useful social skills such as making friends, initiating games and sharing if they keep to their own group. Some children in a multiples group also find it hard to make their own friends and feel that they are thought of as a single group rather than individuals by peers and educators. This can make it harder for them to explore their own interests.

Separately in own streams

Especially if you have higher order multiples, if you want them all in one stream you'll need to find a larger school with multiple streams. Some multiples enjoy the independence of spending time away from their siblings and feel more freedom to explore their own interests and relationships. Many multiples also like not being compared to their siblings, particularly if one sibling is perceived as more active and the other perceived as more academic.

Being apart from their siblings can be quite an adjustment for some multiples, so the final assessment of whether this arrangement will suit them depends a lot on their relative personalities.

Which ever option you choose, having educators who are experienced with groups of multiples can be vital to make sure your children get the most from preschool. While it can seem like a huge decision in the moment, it's worth it to remember that you can always change the decision the next year if it doesn't seem to be working. If you are currently wondering about the best options for your child, it's worth asking the preschool director for their advice.


21 January 2016

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