Keep Children Busy at Your Wedding With a Child Care Professional and These Five Fun Activities


If you have your own kids, lots of siblings or too many cousins to count, you likely are going to have a lot of kids underfoot at your wedding reception. To keep the hordes of children under control so your guests can enjoy themselves, consider hiring someone to provide childcare at your wedding.

To keep the kids entertained, here are some activities the childcare worker can organise for the kids to do:

1. Congratulatory Tossing

Before your wedding ceremony, give the childcare coordinator packets of bird seed or other small favours. Then, have the childcare worker hand these items to the kids so they can throw them on you as you leave the site of the wedding. This creates a fun event for the kids, but it also encourages them to go up and meet the childcare worker at the wedding so they are comfortable around them at the reception.

2. Games at a Garden Wedding

If you are having your reception outside or in a hired garden, consider hiring an extra marquee and putting some kids games there. Your childcare workers can guide the children through games such as bean bag toss, croquet and other garden games.

If you really want to get wild, work with an event hire company that rents out bouncy castles or slides for kids, and post the childcare workers there to supervise.

3. Milk and Cookie Toasts

To make dinner more relaxing for parents, seat the children with childcare workers at separate tables than the adults. To make these kid tables more festive, add a champagne glass full of milk.

When the adults raise their glasses of champagne to the happy couple, the kids can raise their milk.

4. Flower Girl Bouquet Toss

After the bride tosses her bouquet, give the little girls a chance to have fun. Bring the flower girl to the front of the dance floor and have the childcare worker bring over all of the other little girls. Then, have the flower girl throw the bouquet just like the bride.

5. Entertainment Pack for Kids

Consider giving the childcare workers entertainment packs that they can hand out to the little kids. These packs can include colouring books and wax colours or something related to your wedding like a disposable camera for them to capture the day. You could also include treats or small games.

For more ideas on how childcare workers can keep kids at your wedding entertained, contact a professional childcare service.


22 September 2015

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